MARUFUKURO MARUFUKURO | Kyoto Gojo All-Inclusive Hotel

Kagiyacho, Kyoto: Since its founding in Kyoto in 1889, Nintendo has cemented its place in history. 
Now, Nintendo's former headquarters in Kyoto's Kagiyacho 
has been revived as the brand new Marufukuro Hotel.

Marufukuro Hotel.
Also, a new annex by 
Tadao Ando breathes new life into the 
nostalgic yet timeless aesthetics of the original building.  

Wherever, whatever, and however -
it’s the luxury of​ ​
regaining a sense of control.
Enjoy that special time to yourself with the luxurious freedom to let your wings unfurl and relax.
That's the comfort that Marufukuro provides. 




The building, which consists of four buildings, exudes the dignity of the time and a fresh atmosphere.
There are 18 expressive rooms, including 4 suites.
Nintendo's headquarters building from its early days
The tasteful setting and the design supervised by Tadao Ando
Relax in the open space where natural light pours in.
Like living
Enjoy a relaxing and soothing stay.



The cuisine at restaurant “carta.” is personally overseen by culinary expert Ai Hosokawa.
Using traditional Japanese spices, condiments and fermented foodstuffs to provide subtle variations in flavor, 
carta. provides Western-style cuisine that matches the changing of the seasons and brings succor to the mind and body.
Savor an experience of true pleasure with delectable dishes made from seasonal foodstuffs,
paired with your choice from the finest selection of beverages. 

ABOUT restaurant


A lounge like a living room where you can relax freely.
Have an elegant morning before having breakfast at the restaurant,
at your favorite place
Enjoy tea time whenever you like,
Spend a relaxing time alone at night.
Of foot
Please enjoy yourself as you go, as your heart goes.



The library embodies Nintendo's history and culture as interpreted by founding family 
- the Yamauchi family. 
The unique space is filled with playful, original items, weaving a story encompassing memories 
from the past and thoughts on the future. 
Completed by talking
It is a space rich in originality.
This special experience is only available 
here at the Marufukuro.



Whenever you want, whatever you want, and however you want it.
Enjoy a break tailored to your individual needs, only made possible because every stay is all-inclusive.
This is where you can afford the luxury of enjoying your time on your own terms.



342 Kagiyacho, Kamogawa Nishiiri, Shomen-dori, Shimogyo-ku, 600-8126, Kyoto