rooms 宿泊

In the hall consisting of 4 buildings with the style and fresh air of the time,
There are 18 expressive rooms including 5 suites. stand over time
At Nintendo's founding headquarters building
Tastefully designed and supervised by Tadao Ando
Gently surrender yourself to the open space where the outside light comes in,
as you live
Enjoy a relaxing and restful stay.
Existing building


The former headquarters of Nintendo have been repurposed as what are now known as the “original buildings.”
Comprising three buildings in total, including the former Yamauchi family residence 
as well as facilities used for offices and storage,
they exude a retro early-Showa era charm.

 Step inside and feel yourself transported back in time. 
 Touch the history behind the creation of the famous Nintendo brand.

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New building


The new annex has been designed by Tadao Ando.
Its refined, modern, minimalistic design allows 
ample natural light to illuminate its broad, airy spaces,
guaranteeing relaxation and comfort for any who step inside.

The wide array of artworks on the walls makes it feel almost like an art gallery, 
with Ando himself adding his signature to several of the guest rooms.

ABOUT new Bldg.